Terms of Use

Our terms of use are designed to protect our users from fraudsters. Please make sure you read our terms.

It is forbidden to share in-app screenshots in environments such as social media.

Why? Because the screen shots of our applications are taken by malicious individuals, they use these images for marketing purposes.

Continuing this may cause you to be permanently banned from Rizzo applications.

Sharing the APK file of the application is strictly prohibited.

All Rizzo applications are owned by Rizzo Mobile. Apart from Rizzo, APK files cannot be shared, marketed.

Buying the app does not make you the legal owner of the application. Buying the app gives you permission to use that application.

Rizzo Company have the right to initiate legal proceedings on persons who market their Rizzo Mobile applications.

It is forbidden to share membership information with someone else.

Your account information can be played, banned transactions can be made using your account.

Sharing account information may cause you to be banned from the application.